TikTok tanks


“Tik Tok” is the absolute worst app on this planet. Now, if you don’t know what I’m talking about (which I don’t think would happen to anyone because of how popular it has become), but “Tik Tok” is a social media app where people create and share a variety of videos that can range from being “extremely funny” to “extremely relatable”. People lip sync their favorite songs, tv shows, movies, dance, and essentially are an outlet for people to make fools of themselves. Those that are familiar with the app know that it took the place of “Musical.ly” in fall of 2016. 

A memory that will stick with me forever is a few months ago in Poli Sci Mr. Levine asks our class what social media networks teenagers use and my class lists the typical ones such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, but then one of my friends smirks and says, ‘Tik Tok” and another says, “Tik Tok is honestly the new vine” and let’s just say that I’m not friends with that person anymore. 

Seeing my beloved Vine being compared to Tik Tok is so incredibly heartbreaking for me. I would watch vines every single day after school for a good laugh and for it to be replaced by videos where people lip sync to Mariah Carey’s “Obsessed” is traumatic. 

My friends constantly send me Tik Toks every single day and I can say that it’s the worst part of my day. They say that they make them laugh and are scrolling through the app for hours upon hours, but why would anyone ever put themselves through that much pain on purpose? 

It’s not even teenagers who are so involved in the app, but celebrities as well. Actors like Will Smith, DJ’s like Marshmello, singers like Ariana Grande, and rappers like Cardi B use the app to engage more with their fans and promote more of their work. 

It also allows people to gain fame overnight by putting in the bare minimum which I don’t think is fair at all. The app really contributes to how social media can be toxic. When someone spends an excessive amount of time on can app can lead to not being able to concentrate on tasks and focusing too much on what other people are doing. 

In simpler words, WE NEED TO BRING VINE BACK.