Boys squash prepares for a winning season


The varsity boys squash team is expected to have a successful season. The team has gained new members who will help lead the team with their success. So far the team has shown their talent in their first games in the WALKS Tournament, where each player showcased their skills.

In the Walks tournament at Loomis, on Dec. 5, the Wyverns took on Avon, Westminster, Suffield, and Loomis. “The tournament we played in was a good experience for the team before the league begins,” Head Coach Robby Lingashi said, “because it allowed some of our new as well as old varsity members to gain experience in match play and allowed the team to get a feel of what to expect in future games.”

Senior Co-captain Nick Choo was excited with the outcome of the tournament. “Despite coming back from an extended Thanksgiving break, the team fought hard against some of the best competition in the country,” Choo said.

Coach Lingashi said he believes the Wyverns are going to have a successful season because of the talent they have acquired from practice. “The team is working very hard, and they are training right, doing lots of drills practicing rails and boasts,” he said.

The Wyverns practice everyday, mainly hitting the ball in drills which has made the team more experienced. “The whole team is solid, and there is not a big gap in skill level, and the team gets a lot out of practice,” Coach Lingashi said. This year, the Wyverns gained three very talented sophomores: Aidan Dillow, Henry Pelletier, and Carter Smith. With the addition of these players, they will contribute to the team’s depth, making the bottom of the ladder very strong. The team does not have a big drop-off in skill, which will really contribute to its success.

Choo said he agrees with Coach Lingashi about the depth within the team. “The determination and perseverance that the underclassman had during the offseason is going to lead to a very successful season and a strong team,” Choo said.

In practices, challenges occur weekly, where one player is able to challenge another to move up the ladder. Challenge matches have really shaped the ladder and have put the players in the place where they will be the most successful. Challenge matches are also beneficial because they allow the players to gain experience in match play and playing different players.

Coach Lingashi mentioned his goals of the season are to possibly move up to class B in order to play more challenging teams. He also wants to win the championship at the end of the season, which he thinks is possible if the team continues to push themselves, as well as if they are determined through the whole season.

“The outlook of the team this year is very strong, and we have a very strong team bond, which I think will really lead us to have a great season this year,” Choo said. He desires to win the New England championship this year, as they did last year, and he hopes to be a great mentor to the new, younger members of the squash team. The Wyverns’ next match is on Dec. 14, against Williston Northampton.