Coach of the Month: boys varsity basketball Head Coach Brad Seaman


Sneakers squeaking on the court, the whoosh of a ball going through a net, the blow of a whistle. All of these sounds have been a part of Brad Seaman’s life first as a player, and now as a coach. Boys basketball Head Coach Brad Seaman is the Coach of the Month for December because of his individuality as a coach.

He has driven his players hard this year, leading the basketball team to a 1-1 record in his second year as head coach. Before that, he was an assistant coach at KO for two years and worked as an assistant coach for years before that at the Brimmer and May School in Chestnut Hill, Mass. The summer of his freshman year, he officially started to coach when he coached an AAU team. This is probably what set him on the path to becoming a full-time coach as he got a taste of what it felt like to teach others how to play the game.

Coach Seaman started working as an assistant coach at the Brimmer and May school his senior year of college at Suffolk University in Boston. He quit the basketball team this same year so that he could begin to pursue the next part of his journey with basketball and become a coach. The previous three years at Suffolk, he had been playing as a point guard and also a power forward when most of the team’s big men were injured and someone needed to step up to get rebounds.

Coach Seaman’s coaching philosophy is similar to most coaches but also has more components to it. “I want my kids to have fun and compete,” Coach Seaman said. “This is their high school experience, and we want them to look back in 5 or 10 years fondly of their time playing here at KO.”

Junior forward Carter Meshanic talked about what he likes about Coach Seaman’s philosophy. “He likes for us to shoot a lot of threes and to run in transition, which is how the game is played now. I think it’s great because we play against a lot of teams whose coaches are stuck in their ways and make players play into a system rather than how they are used to playing. Coach gives us mostly free reign,” Meshanic said.

This past year, after losing two starting guards and the team’s two leading scorers, Coach Seaman was able to go out and bring in some new talent to fill the massive shoes left behind. He brought in junior guard Ben Merritt and freshman forward Gavin Griffiths who will both make an immediate impact this year. He also brought in a couple other young players who will be able to develop in the system and will make significant impacts on the team in years to come.

Coach Seaman always wants the team to have lots of energy, whether it’s in practice or in warmups just before a game. “When we do our warmup drills, we have goals that we have to meet, and if we don’t get there, then we have to run,” Meshanic said. “The only way to make those goals is to support each other and to bring lots of energy.” Coach Seaman, with his extensive basketball background, brings a lot to the basketball team and makes his players better each day.