Football triumphs

In the Middle

The Middle School football team achieved a victorious season, winning all five of their games thanks to the leadership of their Head Coach Matthew Kocay and Assistant Coach Beau Macksoud. Each time the team came together, every player was able to learn new plays and skills that led their way to victory.

Coach Kocay has been a football coach for more than twenty years, and he hopes to coach for even longer. “I think that I want to continue to coach football for as long as I have the energy to do it,” he said. With his seasoned experience, Coach Kocay was able to brainstorm new strategies, including emphasizing teamwork, that proved to be very useful this season.

Eighth-graders Jack Decker and Owen Caliguiri gave props to Coach Kocay for inspiring their team to work together. “Kocay, he always has us out there working hard. We do one pair of jumping jacks that help us stay together as a team,” Decker explained. “The football team is an absolute unit. Kocay teaches us the plays, tells us what to do, how to tackle; he does a lot for us.” Caliguiri couldn’t agree with Decker more. “I feel like Coach Kocay has a really good coaching style where he’s strict so you can’t do anything goofy or joke around. He’s straight to the point, and he has a really good game plan every game, so he’s a really prepared coach which I feel like helped us win,” Caliguiri said.

Coach Kocay said he always encourages new and experienced students to join the football program. “Most of the kids are all new to it, and I get really excited that they are willing to come out and try it when it’s something that’s hard and a lot of work,” he said. Coach Macksoud agreed and said he believes that both new and returning players are sure to learn the merits of hard work, teamwork, and effort, which are the team’s strategies for winning as much as possible.

With a large number of players returning to the team next year, the coaches look to improve their game plans even more so that the team is bound to have another successful season.