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Cars get students to and from KO every single day, but they are more than just transportation; they are also a form of expression. Chances are, you haven’t really looked around the parking lot here at school, so I’m here to show you how certain cars in the Trout Brook lot say more about  the driver than you would even believe. One of the best examples of this is none other than senior Amelia Levine with her iconic turquoise 2002 Honda Odyssey. Everyone on campus is sure to know that this car is hers as soon as they spot it, and if they don’t know it yet, they will in no time. 

Amelia describes her minivan as really spacious and open, which she thinks is self-reflective. “I like to think of myself as an open person,” she said. “It’s really comfy and it’s like beat up. It has so much character to it, and I love it.”

 Amelia has traveled around the country in this minivan, which is reflected in the name of her car (Odyssey). “Recently, my favorite trip was when I did a National Geographic photo workshop in San Francisco. I have a few bumper stickers from Yosemite and San Francisco,” she said. Amelia also often travels to North Carolina to visit her grandparents, and recently went sailing in the Northeast. 

She likes to collect bumper stickers from her various trips, which cover the back of her minivan to the point where there’s almost no more of the peeling turquoise paint left to see. Her favorite sticker is one from an Aquarium in North Carolina. “I used to go there all of the time because my grandparents lived down there. It’s really faded but I like that sticker,” she said.

Another example of someone whose car directly resembles them is junior Jack Kinney who drives a red 2011 Jeep Wrangler. Jack’s tough personality is represented by the rugged history and off-road capability of this Jeep model. “I think my car resembles me because I go to Cape Cod in the summer, and it is a very beachy car. Also, Jeeps are more laid back and more fun, and I think I am exactly that, a pretty laid back and a fun guy,” Jack said. 

His friends would immediately agree, as Jack can often be seen laughing and making jokes with his classmates. According to junior Landon White, “Kinney is very charismatic, very funny, and entertaining to spend time with.” Outside of school, Jack also expresses his comedic and exorbitant personality with his YouTube channel and TikTok, where he attempts to gain internet fame. Furthermore, his bright charm and love for the sun are complemented perfectly when it is warm enough for him to take the top off his Jeep and catch some rays.

While Jacks’s jeep reflects his playful personality, junior Rasheed Patterson’s black 2011 Jeep Liberty shows him as a powerful, strong, and centered football player. Rasheed, the 6’2”, 290-pound lineman, definitely matches the description of his car. “Just like me, a literal tank,” he said. His size is essential to him, as it is up to him to protect the quarterback during the fall season, and it helps intimidate the other players. Likewise, Rasheed’s “tank” weighs in well over two tons and can be intimidating for many compact car drivers on the road.

The silver 2006 Toyota 4Runner driven by senior Sam Capodice showcases his essence neatly, as it has four-wheel drive and is extremely powerful. “I’m pretty strong, and my off-roading car represents that. Basically, I’m related to my car,” the quarterback of the football team said. Sam doesn’t let anything get in the way of him getting to school, so his favorite feature is obviously the four-wheel drive, which allows him to cut through the snow like a hot knife through butter.

Not following the trend of driving big cars and SUVs is junior Elijah Infante. He can be seen pulling into school with a white 2012 Subaru WRX.  “Yes 100% [my car represents me.] It’s got nice rims, low suspension, not too expensive yet fast,” Elijah said without hesitation. 

Elijah’s rims can easily be compared with his gold necklaces and shiny earrings. His personal favorite is his 14 karat gold chain that he can often be seen wearing around the school. Meanwhile, the low suspension reflects Elijah’s height of 5’8” which makes him shorter than most of his classmates. Elijah’s car also has a turbo in it, which is represented with his speed he demonstrates when playing sports such as football. Elijah plays outside linebacker and speed is essential to his position. “He’s the fast one on the field and can cause pure destruction,” sophomore Jared Cotte said.

Each and every car evidently speaks volumes about its driver, even if you hadn’t realized it yet. What do you think your car says about you?