KO News showcases superiority


During PLB on Friday, Nov. 15, the Student Government Association and the KO News went head to head in an exciting game of basketball. As two of the main student-led groups on campus, they wanted to organize an activity that would bring the community together for some fun, spirited competition.

According to senior Editor-in-Chief of the KO News Jaden DiMauro, the idea for the game started when members of the different groups began joking around to determine which group was “superior.” “We were thinking of ways to get the community involved and basketball is what we decided on,” he said. So rather than continuing to argue back and forth, they took it to the court.

Senior Speaker Jacqui Ouellette came up with the idea to turn the game into a fundraiser for charity. Students who attended the game could dress down for $2.00, and all of the proceeds were donated to End Hunger Connecticut. After faculty advisors English teacher Mela Frye and English Department Chair Catherine Schieffelin gave their approval, Jacqui announced the details about the game at an assembly. Each group drafted a team of players from within their own staff. SGA wore black jerseys and KO News wore red. Many students and faculty gathered in Soby Gym to cheer on their friends. Even some Middle School students came to watch as well.

“The gym was loud, and the bleachers were packed,” senior Ishaa Sohail said. “I wasn’t expecting a lot of people to come watch, but based on the turn out, I think we are going to plan more events like this in the future.”

Prior to the start of the game, both teams were given a few minutes to stretch and warm up. Then, Referee and Form 5 Dean Ronald Garcia blew the whistle to start the game.

Some of the stand-out players included junior Mike DeMio for SGA and junior Hunter Meshanic for the KO News as they were the leading scorers for their teams. Even though there was a wide range of basketball experience, all of the players did a great job.

KO News got off to an early lead, but SGA played hard to stay in the game. Despite their efforts, the KO News pulled ahead in the second half and won the game 43-25. The response from the basketball game has been very positive, and students are looking forward to similar events in the future. “It was really fun to watch,” senior Mai Lin Pompshine said. “I think there should be more activities like this because it gives us something to look forward to and it is a nice break from the usual routine at school.”

Jacqui said that next time the groups might organize a volleyball game. She also hopes to get even more people involved. For example, students could participate by keeping the score board, being cheerleaders, or announcing the game. Overall, it is clear that the basketball game was a big success because everyone had a good time while supporting a great cause.