Boys squash shows improvement looks forward to playoffs again


The boys varsity squash team is off to a great start this season, cranking out win after win in the first half of the season. The Wyverns have improved greatly since the beginning of the season. With almost half the team being underclassmen and new to playing varsity, they have made great strides since the start of the season.

“I’m really impressed with the underclassmen,’’ junior Jaden Weinstein said, “They are able to compete against some of the best players in our league.’’ One of the underclassmen, sophomore Carter Smith has really stood out this season. Smith is quick on his feet and a strong server, making him a deadly force on the court.

Sophomores Aidan Dillow and Henry Pelletier are also new to the varsity level. They have very quickly acclimated to the varsity level, adding depth to the ladder, rounding out the team. Dillow and Pelletier have both been consistent contributors to the team’s success despite this being their first season at the varsity level.

Coming back from winter break, the Wyverns have played games and some tough opponents. “The team is solid,” Head Coach Robby Lingashi said. “There is no gap in skill level.” This success can be attributed to the intense practices day in and day out. From constantly practicing the fundamentals, to difficult drills, to weekly challenge matches, the team has become very strong as a whole and there is no drop in skill towards the bottom of the ladder. This has greatly contributed to the team’s success.

Most recently, the Wyverns beat Westminster 4-3 on Wednesday, Jan. 15. This is the first time the Wyverns have beaten Westminster in about 10 years. It proves they are a tough opponent to anyone and a force to be reckoned with. The wins are due to the outstanding effort from the younger players. “Dillow and Pelletier played outstanding matches,” junior Co-captain Henry Kreible said, “The were playing tough opponents.” With the big contribution from Dillow and Pelletier, the Wyverns were able to get the tough win.

The Wyverns sadly didn’t have the same kind of success against Choate and Avon Old Farms on Wednesday Jan. 22 or Kent on Saturday Jan. 25. “They all have well established programs,” Kreible said, “we knew both were going to be tough match”.

The Wyverns have also dealt with a few injuries. Early into the season, junior Ethan Raisner suffered a torn ACL, putting him out for the rest of the season. More recently, Krieble hurt his knee as well and has dealt with long term back problems. With Krieble not playing his best, the Wyverns lose one of their best players. Thankfully, Krieble will be back to a hundred percent soon and able to lead his team.

Looking towards the second half of the season, the Wyverns set a few long term goals. “We want to become more consistent,’’ Kreible said. “Sometimes we are amazing and sometimes we aren’t. It’s something we have to work on.” Additionally, the Wyverns want to continue to improve their overall gameplay as well as have the new players improve so they can dominate in harder and harder matches.

In the coming weeks, the Wyverns go on to play Pomfret on Wednesday, Feb. 12, and Greens Farm Academy on Wednesday, Feb. 19.