Coach of the moment: John Hissick


Not only does this versatile man coach hockey, but he also coaches JV boys soccer in the fall and girls lacrosse in the spring. He has been coaching hockey for 20 years, and this is his seventh year at KO. He started his KO journey in the 2012-13 season as the girls hockey coach. If you haven’t guessed yet, the January Coach of the Month is hockey Head Coach John Hissick.

When asked his coaching philosophy, he responded that he wants his players to remember the good times and practices. “I want our players and team to be the best they can possibly can and develop to become better and better,” Coach Hissick said. “But, most importantly I want the experience to be fun.”

Junior center wing Will Elliot said that Coach Hissick is very understanding and one of the best coaches he has ever had. “He is very understanding about academic life and even though he is strict he understands high schoolers,” Elliot said.

When asked what his favorite coaching memory was he responded that he had many top ones including his very first win as the girls hockey coach in his second year when the team played up in Boston. There is also Hockey Night in the old rink and winning those games with a fantastic crowd. “Defeating Loomis Chaffee after a very long time during this year’s JV soccer season and having 21 game win streak with girls lacrosse were among my top coaching memories,” Coach Hissick said.

Coach Hissick has been playing hockey and lacrosse ever since he can remember. He played college hockey and lacrosse at Southern New Hampshire University. When asked what his favorite playing memory is, he responded playing youth hockey with Ryan Leetch.

With years of experience under his belt, Coach Hissick is a great fit for the KO hockey program. Elliot said that Coach Hissick has a variety of drills and practice plans to help the team out. He also pointed out that he is a great motivator, and his halftime speeches rile up the team. “Coach has given me some specific small pointers which help me improve my game,” Elliot said.

Coach Hissick brings a fierce and competitive energy to every practice and game, motivating the players and lifting spirits. He cares about all his players and is always focused on the end goal. As a former soccer player for Coach Hissick, I vividly remember his iconic halftime speeches, riling the team up when we were down and motivating us to win.

This year he helped the junior varsity soccer team win every game but one, beating tough opponents like Loomis for the first time in a very long time. After the Loomis win, I remember him jumping up and down with excitement which simply shows how invested he is in the team and how much he cares about it.

Coach Hissick’s character and experience make him such a great coach and more than worthy for the January Coach of the Month title.