Fashionista: junior Sadie Margolis


Talented, fun, and fashionable, junior Sadie Margolis has shown her amazing style every day on the KO campus.

Sadie loves to shop at several different stores, including Planet Blue, Free People, Lululemon, LF, and Brandy Melville. In these stores, she often shops for several different styles, accessories, and items of clothing. Some accessories she loves to add to her outfits include necklaces and earrings. She often likes to layer several different pieces, in addition to mixing up many different earrings throughout her piercings.

Sadie would describe her fashion sense as comfortable and fun with a touch of boho. With a diverse sense of style, she certainly has so many opportunities to feel and look her very best. When shopping, she leans towards neutrals in the winter and pastels and floral patterns in the spring. “I love dressing for all seasons,” Sadie said. “When the sun is out, you can dress in rompers, sundresses, jean shorts, and tank tops – all bright colors. Winter is fun because you can layer and wear different, cozy textures.”

Although she loves to dress up and look nice, she also loves to get comfy on the weekend. Sadie can often be seen wearing Lululemon leggings and Free City sweatpants. If she is going out in public or to an event she will dress it up with jeans and a sweater or bodysuit. Sadie states that although she is totally fine dressing up Monday through Friday, it is a nice chance on the weekends to relax and wear easier clothing.

In order to build outfits for school and her outside life, she often can be caught online shopping. “I have an addiction to online shopping, so I will look at how the models online layer and make cute outfits, and then often use pieces I already have, or buy new additions.”

On top of this outfit-making, she also gets inspired to shop by the show, “The Bachelor.” Sadie is a huge fan and often looks through the seasons to see which girls have the best sense of style and takes inspiration from them. She considers the celebrities and contestants as trendsetters and gains a lot of confidence from their looks. However, she said she doesn’t think of herself as one. “I really don’t think about myself as a trendsetter or much about starting ‘trends.’ I like to dress for myself. Last summer, I got purple highlights in LA, which made me feel unique,” she explained.

Sadie definitely stands out with her unique choices and positive vibes all the time. Throughout the past few years, she has stayed true to herself when it comes to her fashion and style choices.

She says that besides her “Justice” phase in elementary school, she hasn’t changed too much, except for her piercings. Every year she adds one, and she is up to six piercings now. “It’s fun to change it up!” she exclaimed. Sadie said she thinks that her earrings add style to her outfits, especially her big gold star and heart hoops.

As Fashionista of the Month, Sadie urges everyone to be confident with their own unique style. “Obviously, always stay true to yourself, but use fashion as a way to express yourself and get people to know the real you. Don’t get what everyone else is wearing; be bold and get what’s hiding on the back shelf or in a boutique that no one has heard of or can recognize.”

From the whole KO community, we thank Sadie for all the amazing fashion tips and ideas, and we look forward to seeing even more looks in the future!