Let it go, ‘Frozen 2’

In the Middle

“Frozen 2” is a lively, entertaining, animated musical for fans across the world. This adventurous movie is about the young queen Elsa on a search to find herself, called by a mysterious echo leading her to her fate. The characters who join her are her sister Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff, along with Sven, the reindeer. Each character has a purpose to this journey.

Anna wishes to be closer to Elsa when she feels they are becoming distant. Elsa’s gift of magic is the reason they are so distant in the original movie. Kristoff has been struggling to find the perfect way to ask Anna to marry him, and comic figure Olaf continues to give advice to those who need a laugh and comfort.

Although the plot includes all of the characters, it’s mainly based on Elsa’s journey and discoveries. As the team set out to find the truth behind the supernatural events occurring in Arendelle, they individually grow as characters. However, as in the first movie Elsa remains the main character. Her quest pushes the plot.

The famous songs are what drive fans to watch both Frozen movies. “Let It Go” is one of the biggest hits from the first movie. Many who haven’t seen the movie have heard the songs. Each melody includes a message about growing as an independent woman, and Elsa is a perfect example of this, a unique queen with abilities like no other. The Frozen franchise continues to satisfy the audience with more catchy songs. “Frozen 2” includes the song “Into The Unknown,” which many viewers suspect that it will be as great as “Let It Go.”

Before the movie started, I had many suspicions of how Frozen 2 would end, thinking that this movie would be as cheesy as the first movie. But this sequel has many twists and turns making it a hundred percent better than the original.

Despite the fact that Rotten Tomatoes indicates that people enjoyed Frozen more than “Frozen 2,” fans are happy to see that there isn’t an end to the story of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven. Many wish to see the next chapter of Elsa and Anna’s life, and only the best is yet to come for this heartwarming sister duo.