Phenomenal Photographer Walter Kraus


Junior Walter Kraus has been interested in photography and capturing beautiful moments even before he came to KO. Walter said that since art teacher Greg Scranton is his uncle, Walter has always been exposed to the art.

Walter said his love for photography really started from his love of observing beautiful aspects of nature. “I love going on a hike and taking a picture,” he said. “I also love aesthetically pleasing pictures, and the process of taking pictures, editing them. Or taking a simple picture and making it look nice through editing.”

Walter took film photography through Camp KO about two summers ago and learned a lot. Mr. Scranton recalls that they worked on how to shoot traditional black and white film photography and how to record it.

Mr. Scranton said that one Walter’s approach is unique because he started with film and went to digital, which is the opposite of what most students do. “Because his process was different, he has a different sensibility. He is very thoughtful with his compositions, because in film photography you can’t shoot endless. So, he’s pretty thoughtful about what he shoots, he considers the composition,” he said.

Right now, Walter is taking Photography I with Mr. Scranton and plans to take Photography II next year. Due to scheduling reasons, Walter takes Photo I during the time when Photo II meets, so he has a lot of one on one time with Mr. Scranton. Because of that, Walter’s growth has been quicker than most students.

Walter’s currently working on a project called Cinematic Stills, in which he has to make each photo look like it is a still from a movie, but there’s a narrative built in it. “He works independently, so he has to be self motivated. I’m looking forward to having him in Photo II, given his versatility between digital and analog photography abilities,” Mr. Scranton said.

Walter also has an Instagram page where he displays his beautiful photos. Walter started the page with his drawings and some photos. He recalls taking some of the photos with his dad’s camera when they were in Colorado and observing his grandma’s beautiful backyard with flowers.

He explained that he was just messing around at first but enjoyed what he was doing, so he started an account and plans to keep updating it.

Throughout his time at KO, Walter has explored all different types of art at KO including print-making, stagecraft, drawing, painting, graphic design, and is involved in Concert Choir as a member of C7.

Although Walter’s passion for the arts started at a young age, it continues to flourish. “I would like to keep doing photography because it is what I enjoy most,” he said.