Bay’s Blast


by Ben Baby ’22 and Aakash Gunturu ’22

Michael Bay returns to his action-packed movies in “6 Underground,” a new action movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Released on Netflix, the movie is fun to watch, but if you’ve watched movies by Michael Bay, you know what is going to happen.

The cast is headlined by Ryan Reynolds, who does a good job portraying One, the billionaire playboy leading his crew of six of the best at what they do.

All of the crewmembers have one major thing in common, the world believes they are all dead.

The rest of the cast do a good job, mainly Five, played by Adria Arjona.

The rest of the six are played well, with Corey Hawkins as Seven, Dave Franco as Six, Ben Hardy as Four, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo as Three, Mélanie Laurent as Two, and Lior Raz as Rovach Alimov, the dictator and villain of the movie.

“6 Underground” had some very well done stunts and props, with Four’s stunts being the most interesting. He was the “Skywalker’’ of the group, nicknamed for his ability to climb buildings and jump between them with ease.

His stunts were performed by a parkour group called Storror. All the jumps were real, although they did wear cables and took safety precautions when filming. This was my favorite part of the movie because we saw Four jumping around a lot, even if he didn’t do it in the finale.

The movie follows a similar pattern to all Michael Bay movies, lots of explosions and action, with big set pieces.

The final set piece of the yacht was pretty interesting, but my favorite was the penthouse in China, where the crew had to rescue Rovach’s younger brother, who is more friendly, and believes his country should become a democracy.

Michael Bay is a director who doesn’t like to develop his characters as much as other directors, preferring to let the stunts and action carry the movie.

Out of all the characters, One had the most development, with the others being pushed to the side.

“6 Underground” is an entertaining movie, funny at times, loaded with action and stunts, but if you want to watch a movie with more plot and development, this is not for you.

Michael Bay does what he does best, and there are talks of a sequel in the works.

I think the sequel could be enjoyable too, but I don’t think it will be a box office hit, especially since the movie is released on Netflix, which a lot of people already have.

Unless Netflix releases the movie in theaters beforehand we won’t be able to see how much interest is really there in “6 Underground.”