Dillow outlines strategic design plan in state of the school adress

Editorial News

On Friday, Feb. 21, Head of School Thomas Dillow delivered a State of the Union Address to around 150 involved members of the KO community.

The goal of this new event was to communicate with parents about what has been happening on campus, the results of the strategic design plan, and other exciting aspects of what is going on at KO. “The purpose of the talk was to create an opportunity to come together as a community,” Mr. Dillow said. “I think it is important that the school is communicating out to our families. While we have the Wyvern Weekly, a monthly letter that I send out, and no shortage of articles and posting about things going on at school, this was a chance to give an official state of the school.”

While the idea of the event was to allow Mr. Dillow to deliver the information of the strategic design plan, it also gave a chance for Mr. Dillow to highlight some of what is happening at KO. “The outline of the talk was on the one hand to celebrate the many accomplishments and things going on at the school,” Mr. Dillow said. “And to talk about the school in the context of our history and market, but most importantly this being the first chance to share with our families the results of the strategic design process.”

While this specific event will not be an annual occurrence, Mr. Dillow hopes to continue to hold more frequent events to inform the community. “This became an opportunity to share with the families,” Mr. Dillow said. “This was the first time we did it, so it will probably evolve in the future, but I do want to do this annually or at least bi-annually. In the future, it can be a form of communication out to families and an update to where we are in achieving our strategic vision.”

The night started with an introduction by Board Chair Bradley Hoffman, followed by a 45-minute long presentation by Mr. Dillow (which included a video on the future of work).

Then senior Remy McCoy sang a song from this year’s musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” and the event ended with Mr. Dillow sharing the future vision of the school.

Overall, the event got a great response. “The feedback has been very positive from people that were there,” Mr. Dillow said, “so I look forward to doing this again. Families appreciate it when their schools are transparent and truly bring the families and the parents in conversation about the direction of the school. “While Mr. Dillow has garnered the spotlight, he also wanted to highlight the hard work being done behind the scenes to make the State of the Union Address so special and effective. “I outlined the whole strategic design process,” Mr. Dillow said. “I have had focus groups, and a lot of data collected that have helped produce this. This was a collaborative process. I simply get to be the one that shares it out and promote it.” The State of the Union address gave the community comfort in having a good sense of the schools direction as well as things to look forward to for the coming years and future of Kingswood Oxford school.

Dillow outlines strategic design plan in state of the school address