Hockey reflects on hard-fought season


Varsity ice hockey fought through a hard season, securing many great wins against challenging opponents. The team ended their impressive season with a 8-9 record.

“Since the beginning of the season, we have really started to work as a team and stepped up our game which really led us to many of our wins” junior forward Wil Elliot said. KO had a solid end to their season, winning three of the last five games they played.

On Feb. 7, the team played against Wooster. The boys were off to a rough start after the second period, down three goals. In the third period senior defender Aidan Marchand scored two great goals, ultimately ending the game at a score of 3-2 Wooster. “Although we lost the game, we fought our hardest, and that is the mentality that has led to the success of the team,” senior center Co-captain center Shane Dawson said.

The Wyverns played against Hamden Hall on Feb. 12. “This was a very close match, but we stayed focused and did not give up, leading to a win,” sophomore forward Sean Gilland said. Throughout the whole game the score was very close, and the team squeezed out a close victory, winning 8-6.

On Feb. 19, the Wyverns faced a challenging opponent with the Harvey school. “They were a very skilled team, but I think this game really helped us in the way that we were able to learn from our opponents” Elliot said. Being down 8-0 in the third period, the Wyverns did not give up as Elliot had a break away in which he shot low left bunker, making the final score of the game 9-1. On Feb. 22, the Wyverns battled against South Kent. “In our game against South Kent, we really demonstrated our hard work that we have put in during our season to get to this point” Elliot said. According to Dawson, the Wyverns were connecting many passes and taking many smart shots, which ultimately lead them to their victory winning 9-0.

KO battled against Forman school on Feb. 26. “During this game we did a very good job of connecting all of our passes, and we were able to have many great goals,” Gilland said. During the game senior forward Karstian Lang scored a hat trick, sophomore Will Berckemeyer scored two, and both junior forward Mitchell Autorino and freshman Ben Margolis scored one. The team had a great last game to end the season with a final score of 7-1.

Head Coach John Hissick is very impressed with the success that the team had this season. “At first the kids were playing as individuals, not passing much, but as the season progressed they started chirping pucks and passing the puck into areas where guys can run on,” Coach Hissick said. The senior players of the team including Aiden Borruso and Marchand playing defense, Dawson playing center, Co-captain John Mclaughlin playing goalie, and Lang playing forward all had tremendous contributions to the team, helping win many valuable games. The team wishes the best of luck for the graduating seniors and thanks them for being such great teammates. teammates.