Memories of Madrid

In the Middle

There is no better way to bond with a friend and enjoy amazing views than going on a hike.

For Form Dean Charles Macksoud, hiking is one of his passions.

When he lived in Madrid, he hiked all around the mountains and different scenic places, and wrote a book about it. Mr. Macksoud lived in Spain for two years to perfect his Spanish speaking ability.

He also wanted to learn more about the history and culture.

“To me it’s special to be in a place where big history has taken place,” he said.

Mr. Macksoud loves hiking for many reasons. “I just think it is a good way to get fit; if you’re spending the day with someone it’s a good way to get to know them,” he said.

Mr Macksoud enjoyed the process of hiking and then picking what routes to put in the book with his friend.

“[I love] just thinking about some of those laughs that we had on those days,” he said.

Mr Macksoud was not the only one to write the book; he also worked with his friend, fellow American Cynthia Kane.

He felt that Cynthia helped organize his words and make it easier for the reader. “She writes books about communication and meditation along with [conducting] many workshops,” he said.

All in all he loved writing the book and hiking the trails with his friends.

“I think that it’s important to do things that you like doing because if you don’t like doing it, then you’re gonna give up,” he said.“But if it’s something that you like, you are going to want to keep on going no matter the setbacks.”

If people are interested in writing or hiking they should consult with Mr Macksoud.

“He is a lot of fun to hike with,” said journalism teacher Lynne Levine.