Player of the Moment: Wil Eliot


You may have seen him flying through the rink and connecting many passes; the February player of the moment is junior wing Wil Elliot.

Elliot has been playing hockey for a total of seven years, starting when he was 10. He has played right wing, left wing and center. Since last year, Elliot has improved his play a lot and has made a great contribution to the team. Elliot has improved his game by playing on a club team outside of school: the Springfield Pics. His team practices five times a week and works out two times a week. The players on his club team are very skilled, and they challenge him to get better everyday, which has formed him to be a skillful player.

Elliot positively contributes to the team with his many great attributes. “I am a very hardworking player who never gives up, and also I have good rink vision which allows me to make the right pass and set people up,” Elliot said. Elliot has great awareness on the ice, which allows him to make the right pass.

Not only is Elliot a great hockey player, but he is also a great teammate. “He is a very funny and positive guy and he creates many strong bonds with his teammates,” sophomore Sean Gilland said. Elliot also created bonds with the new freshman on the team and helped welcome them.

Elliot mentions that his favorite game of the year was when the Wyverns faced off against St. Luke’s on Feb. 5. “It was a very intense game, but we ended up winning in overtime which was a highlight of the season, challenging such a good team,” Elliot said.

Head Coach John Hissick describes Elliot as being a great contributor to the team. “He is a very hardworking player, and a great team player. He always does his job and what the team needs for him to be successful,” Coach Hissick said. “If he needs to score he’ll score and if he needs to pass he’ll pass. Will has a complete game.”