Seventh grade travels to Vermont

In the Middle

In past years, sixth and eighth-graders have gone off campus on overnight trips for bonding and helping the students become more unified. However, the seventh grade has only had the opportunity to enjoy a day program in Beckett, Massachusetts involving various team-building activities. That was unfair to the seventh-graders, so the form deans changed that this year. Form Dean Clayton Miles decided that the students in seventh grade also needed a longer trip. According to Mr. Miles, the school has been searching for an overnight program for a long time and finally found Hulbert in Fairlee, Vermont which is just what he and the other teachers had been looking for. Mr. Miles chose Hulbert for a specific reason. “It was to take us out of our normal environment, put us in a different environment that most kids aren’t used to and expose them to different activities, outdoor hike, and night walks,” he said. It was difficult to find the perfect program; Mr. Miles spent a long time looking for one. “It was hard to find a challenging program but not over the top, a three to four-day program that would do everything we wanted to do and have team building 101,” he said.Seventh-graders Hadley Crowther, Lia Arnold, and Graham Wiggenhauser all said they agreed that Hulbert was a great time. “Hulbert was very fun most of the time but there were some times that weren’t as engaging as they could have been,” Lia said. While the seventh grade students were away, they completed various team-building activities. Graham enjoyed the night activities. “The blind walk at night was my favorite thing we did at Hulbert. We were blindfolded and we had to go down a path, we didn’t know where we were going and we had to trust the people around us,” he said. Lia found that she could enjoy being with anyone in the form. “You really have to make the most out of your group. You might not be with all of your friends but some of the people who were in my group were really cool,” she said. Mr. Miles considered the trip a good success and plans for next year’s seventh-graders. “Going in November made it more of a challenge,” he said. Advice to the next year’s seventh graders includes dressing warmly and having fun.