Showing support to athletes


As many of you know, before spring break started, the entire Kingswood Oxford school had the privilege of watching the musical “Thoroughly Modern Millie.” The support the student body brought was amazing.

So this got me thinking: how come there is not a required sporting event for the KO community? The athletes work just as hard as the theater students, yet there is no required event for them. The athletes work hard every season; they practice in the sun, rain, and even snow. 

I feel as though it would be astonishing if the whole student body showed up to a game and supported the teams and recognized how much work they have put in to showcase their skills. 

The day the musical took place, we had a special schedule that allotted two and a half hours for the performance to take place. That is the same amount of time as a football game, which is one of the longest sporting events to take place. All the other sporting events would be less than that amount of time. 

Other sports such as volleyball, hockey, lacrosse, field hockey, baseball, and basketball would normally take around 90 minutes, which is significantly shorter than the musical. KO constantly talks about creating an environment where people are supportive of one another like a big family; this is such a great opportunity for everyone in the school to get together and support one another.

Now some of you may be saying, “I don’t know anything about sports.” Well, this is a perfect opportunity to learn. People who are passionate about their sport love to explain it to new people and get them involved. Also, by watching your friends play, you may find out that you are interested in playing a sport too. 

Every athlete can attest to how amazing it is when there is a large crowd cheering on their school. Now just imagine if the whole school attended a game. The energy and school spirit coming off all the fans would be unlike anything before.

I fully understand how KO students have very busy lives. However, since the theater department can mandate the student body to attend a performance, change the school schedule, and keep kids after school hours, then I don’t see the problem with the athletics department doing the same thing.

Some solutions could be having a no homework night if the game was during the week, or the required game would happen on a Friday night after school. There could even be a mandated game on Saturday so there is no conflict with homework. 

The bottom line is, attending a game is a simple way to show the athletes of the Kingswood Oxford community how they are supported by you. Since the musical is required to attend by the whole school, there is most definitely a way to have a required sporting event to show some support to the athletes of the school.