OK students 24-hour campus return

OK News

The day has finally come. With joy, excitement, and teen angst, the day where we students finally come back to campus has come.

The day started with an assembly from OK Head of School Domas Tillow. He addressed the school with plans of how the school is going to recover from the devastating semester of online school. “Welcome back Wyverns, to the 2020-2021 academic year,” Mr. Tillow said. “Although we continued our second semester online, there were a few videos made to cheer up our students. Shall we see them?” 

Down came the large white screen and the funny and creative IGTV vision from the OK Instagram, @nationwyvern.

The videos started off with an amazing “Heathers” parody with the main star math teacher Gilm Gilyard. In the video, you see Mr. Gilm dancing while singing a parody of “Candy store.” “Honey, whatcha waiting for welcome to the OK store,” he sang. “Time for you to come collect our sweaters and be warm, welcome to the OK store.” The students laughed in entertainment at his rendition of the song. “I loved this, it was so funny to see Mr. Gilm sing,” junior Micheal Scott said. “I never knew he was so good.” However, as the students loved it,  some teachers not so much. “This is completely inappropriate; our student should be hearing this garbage,” English teacher Billy Bob said. “Especially this song about drugs and terrible behavior, plus our sweaters aren’t even that good. They break extremely easily.” Mr. Gilm has yet to respond to this criticism.  

Next, was the Athletic Departments’  lipsync of the “FRIENDS” theme song, starring Julie Roberts, Steven Crowder, Joshua Bassett, Debra Fischer, and Matthew Knight. The crowd also seemed to enjoy this heartfelt message sharing the support of the athletic department during the COVID-19 period. “I loved it. It made me feel like I could count on them for anything,” sophomore West Mayweather said. The teachers also agreed. “I speak for all teachers when I say, it was a perfect message for students to help uplift their spirits during this trying time,” science teacher Carl Ymara said.

Then the day started with our regular classes: the first three periods, lunch, the last two periods, and then sports.

Sadly, that was the first and only day of on-campus school until further notice thanks to the new COVID-45 virus. Furthermore, students are furious. “This sucks, if my graduation gets canceled I’m going to be extremely upset,” senior Davis Trumbull said. “We saw this happen last year but now this year? If SATs get canceled I’m going to be livid!” 

However, teachers are trying to calm the situation down. “I know it is very disheartening to see this happen again, but we need to keep our heads up high and work our best to keep positive attitudes,” Mr. Tillow said in a video sent to parents. 

We are currently taking online classes and are hoping for the best.