A look into the lives of some of KO’s seniors


Although it is hard to walk away from the spirit-filled and Wyvern populated West Hartford, KO’s seniors look forward to what their future holds. An unusual end to the year has made it even harder for them to say goodbye, yet they still remain excited and curious for the next chapter in their life.

Senior Sophia Kaufman is looking forward to attending Syracuse University in upstate New York next fall. Sophia will be attending the Arts and Sciences school to pursue a psychology major. She plans on joining multiple clubs at Syracuse and also playing on some intramural teams to stay active. 

“I am very excited to meet so many new people along the paths of sports games, festivals, and in the classroom,” Sophia said. Although as a seven-year senior it has been bittersweet leaving KO, Sophia feels as if she has found the perfect place to continue her academics. “I cannot wait to start the next chapter of my life in this place,” she said. “Go orange!” 

Senior Molly Jones can’t wait to start her education at her dream school of Northeastern University in Boston. Molly will be studying at the Bouvé College of Health Science, and she is also planning on joining the pre-med track at Northeastern. She plans on joining many clubs and teams – maybe even one with another KO alum. “I might be playing club lacrosse with KO alum Isabel Kaufman as one of the captains,” Molly said, referring Sophia’s older sister. 

Departing KO is especially difficult for Molly, as she has grown up on campus as a faculty child. Despite this, she couldn’t be happier with where she has chosen to spend the next four years of her life. “I am most excited to be in the city of Boston and for their amazing Co-op program that will allow me to make connections in the medical field while I am still an undergrad,” Molly said.

Senior John Doar can’t wait to step onto campus at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Tex. John plans on studying political science and joining teams such as soccer and football. John has loved his seven years at KO, yet he looks forward to one aspect of TCU that is very different from his Kingswood Oxford experience. “I’m really excited for a big school atmosphere which is something that is really different from KO,” John said. He also loves the unique location. “The DFW area is a large city yet manageable where TCU is a focal point of the community,” John said. John feels bittersweet leaving KO and his friends, but he is glad his younger sister still attends KO so he will have plenty of reasons to visit. 

Senior Anusha Memon is looking forward to continuing her education at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Conn. Anusha will be studying psychology in the accelerated six-year law program. This special program allows her to graduate in just six years with her law degree. “I was so excited to be accepted into the six-year law program because it will give me so many opportunities in just six years,” Anusha said. However, her studies are not the only part of Quinnipiac that Anusha is excited about. “The campus is absolutely beautiful,” said Anusha. “I love the architecture and of course, the gorgeous ocean views.” Anusha is sad to leave behind her friends at KO and especially sad that the seniors missed out on their final months to make memories. Despite this, she feels ready and excited to begin her college journey. “I can’t wait to meet new people and focus my studies on things I’m passionate about,” Anusha said.

These seniors, like many others, walk off of campus with heavy hearts; however, they also look to their futures with tremendous excitement! We wish them the best of luck in all their upcoming endeavors.