KO’s fashionistas: Quarantine edition


Since the implementation of online classes and the closing of businesses amidst the current pandemic, KO students have found themselves with little opportunity to get outside. Thus, there is little motivation to wear anything other than pajamas to online classes. In a time when most people can only see your head and the upper part of your torso, placing a lot of effort into your daily outfits doesn’t really have much payoff. Therefore, many KO students who once considered themselves fashion-conscious report not caring as much about their quarantine outfits, instead opting for pajamas or loungewear.

Freshman Faith Potter joked that she once wore the same pajamas for three consecutive days to Zoom classes. She said that her current quarantine outfits mostly consist of hoodies (which she assured me are authentic Kingswood Oxford apparel from the KO Store), but occasionally she brings out her thrifted outfits and vans while she’s learning to skateboard.

“I thrift a lot and kind of search for my aesthetic,” Faith said. “I’ve been told that [my aesthetic] is very granola tree-hugger, and I love the granola aesthetic.” Before lockdown procedures went into effect, she frequently thrifted at Goodwill, where she shopped mainly in the men’s section. “I buy a lot of men’s sweaters and crop them,” she said, “and I’ve also found some shoes there. I love Goodwill.” 

Faith mentioned that while she has worn pajamas or loungewear for online classes, she tries to avoid it, even on weekends, because it makes her feel unmotivated. 

Faith isn’t the only one thinking about style during these strange times. To pass the time, junior Christina Lu has been turning a lot of her tee shirts into crop-tops. She spoke about how, before lockdown, she would put attention and effort into her outfits. “My friends say my style was comfy, flirty, and chic,” she said. Christina visits Gap and American Eagle for her jeans, but she also really likes repurposing clothes and enjoys tie-dying and modifying the clothes she buys. 

For online classes, Christina said her outfits usually just consist of her pajamas; however, on the weekends, she said she feels much more motivated if she changes out of her sleepwear early in the morning. “I feel like I’ve lost my effort to look good,” she said. 

Students have been permitted to wear pajamas to class due to KO’s distance learning policy, which allows “dress down” attire each day. Suffice to say, students have certainly taken advantage of this change.