‘Never Have I Ever’: best show ever


Actress Mindy Kaling created the newly released show, “Never Have I Ever.” It is a Netflix original that came out in April of 2020. This coming-of-age comedy is based on Mindy Kaling’s life growing up. The general plot is the complicated life of a modern-day first-generation Indian-American teenager.

“Never Have I Ever” is based around Devi, a 15-year-old sophomore girl. As she starts off the year, her goal is to alter her social status, but she runs into many difficulties. In the Netflix description of this show, Devi is “determined to shake off old labels and finally become cool.” In her freshman year of high school, Devi had to deal with the passing of her father. In addition to that hardship, not long after, she also had to face the complication of losing the ability to use her legs for three months.

Due to her very difficult freshman year, she wants a much better sophomore year, but she encounters many different predicaments such as her life at school, her Indian identity, and her struggling relationship with many people, especially her mother. Throughout all of her freshman year, Devi has two close friends: Eleanor and Fabiola. This friendship still lasts through the beginning of their sophomore year, but when Devi focuses too much on changing her social status, this friendship starts to fall apart.

She also develops a major crush on a popular junior named Paxton, which she also thinks might help her become more popular. This show is narrated by John McEnroe, who is a professional tennis player known for his frequent outbursts that got him into trouble. Similar to John, Devi is very short-tempered as well, which is shown throughout the episodes. Devi’s father was also a big fan of John McEnroe, which is another reason as to why he is the narrator.

I thought this show was very entertaining and a quick and easy watch. So far, only one season has aired, containing only 10 episodes that are each 20 to 30 minutes long. It is confirmed that season two is coming out; although the date is unconfirmed, I know for a fact that I will watch it and I look forward to it.

I strongly enjoyed the aspect of it being inspired by Mindy Kaling’s own childhood and the similar struggles she faced growing up. Devi is played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, and I felt that she really fit the part of Devi. She really expressed the struggles that the character she played dealt with.

The one thing I did not particularly love about this show was the narrator. It confused me why exactly John McEnroe narrated this story considering it was about a teenage girl in high school and did not really have much to do with him until the last episode. Despite my confusion, he does provide some comical commentary throughout the episodes, which made the show additionally entertaining. 

Overall, I would totally recommend this show to those who are looking for a quick, new show to watch and who enjoy coming of age shows that are also comedies.