Senior prefects bid farewell through virtual skit


On Wednesday, May 20, students watched KO’s annual senior prefect skit during virtual advisee group. Due to the unfortunate circumstances we are up against this year, these seniors were unable to perform the skit live in front of all their classmates, but instead recorded a video of the skit that they were able to share with the KO community virtually.

For those who don’t know what the prefect skit is, the senior prefects each take on the role of a teacher or faculty member and do their best impersonation in one big performance with all the other prefects.

 As far as the purpose of the prefect skit, Dean of Students William Gilyard thinks that it is a way for the seniors to give special recognition to the teachers that they’ve come to know well in their time at KO.

 “The teachers get to know the kids really well, and the kids get to know the teachers, and the kids pick up on the idiosyncrasies as well as the common phrases teachers use,” Mr. Gilyard said. “It’s a way for the prefects to honor the teachers that they’ve had, spoof them a little bit, and bring some comedy and joy to the community.”

This years performance included impressions by senior Head Prefect Juanita Asapokhai as Director of Diversity Joan Edwards, senior Spencer Schaller as history teacher Ted Levine, senior Matt Marottolo as Head of the Upper School Dan Gleason, senior Jackson Wolff as Spanish teacher Ronald Garcia, senior Esha Kataria as history and math teacher Tracy Deeter, senior Jaden DiMauro as history teacher Peter Jones, and senior Alyssa Pilecki as science teacher Kathleen DiSanto. The video also featured a special surprise performance by KO alum Matt Safalow ’19 with his spot-on impression of Mr. Gilyard.

Juanita agreed with Mr. Gilyard that the prefect skit is all about showing appreciation for all of the teachers they’ve gotten to know over the years while having fun with it. “In most years, and this year too, it’s a way for us to pay respects to our teachers, to show the people who have been most impactful or had special presences on our campus,” Juanita said. “It’s a fun way for us to bring some humor at the end of the year and reflect on the people who have been so instrumental in our experience for however long we’ve been at KO.”

This year’s prefect skit has had a lasting impact on the KO community, especially since everyone isn’t able to be together on campus as the school year comes to a close and was a great way to bring everyone together at the end of the semester to celebrate the senior class one last time. 

In terms of the students who were involved, all of them were committed to playing their roles and trying to represent their teachers as accurately as possible.

“All of the prefects were very serious about portraying their teachers accurately, in a humorous way, and doing a good job,” Juanita said. “Everyone was so dedicated to it, and it was a super great experience for all of us.”