‘The Gentlemen’ thrills audiences


Directed by Guy Ritchie, “The Gentleman” casts Matthew McConaughey as Mickey Pearson, a well known American living and running the most successful marijuana empire in England, and Hugh Grant as Fletcher, a private detective. The film gained a rating of 75% and was certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. 

From the beginning, Mickey shows he has an interest in selling yet not consuming the drug. His main goal in the movie is to sell his entire business, from the underground farms to the logistics, in order to spend time with his wife, Rosalind. Issues begin when people begin finding out Mickey is trying to get out of the game. 

The movie starts with Fletcher, blackmailing Ray (Charlie Hunnam). Fletcher creatively states his blackmail ransom through narrating a story, starting the main part of the movie.

The main part begins with the end of the movie and quickly reveals Mickey’s past. I wish they had shown more of how he became the biggest pot farmer in London. I think it would have added a lot more to his character since all we know about his status and prestige in the underground world. In most films, the character’s uprising defines their morals and what they are willing to do.

I wish this “character last” idea was applied to all the characters because we don’t know much about them except their relation to Mickey.

Another issue I had was the amount of characters. The movie introduced multiple groups/gangs at the same time, and it was a bit confusing until halfway through the movie. Although this was the case, I still believe that the film moved at the perfect pace. 

The plot had amazing twists and turns in every segment. The ending was by far my favorite conclusion for a movie. It connected every character, even the minor characters, summarizing the intense two-hour movie.

Aside from the plot, I believe the movie was cast perfectly. Mickey’s role is meant to display confidence. McConaughey uses this key trait and portrays Mickey as an intellectual man. 

Similarly, Fletcher is meant to be intelligent but somewhat weird. Grant shows little to no emotion in his action, but the most is in his tone. Through Grant’s acting, Fletcher is portrayed as a quirky and mysterious character.

In my opinion, the best acting was by Charlie Hunnam. In the movie, he plays Ray, a loyal and obedient second in command. He portrays Ray with sophistication. My prediction would be Hunnam getting nominated for the 2020 Best Actor in the Supporting Role Academy Award.

“The Gentlemen” is one of my favorite films due to the intense plot, the casting, and the amazing direction.