KO community speaks on popular Air Force 1s

In the Middle

A recent spike in interest in Nike’s Air Force 1 shoes among certain members of the KO community has led to students like eighth-graders Ysabel Albert and Hadley Crowther, and history teacher Andy Krugman to comment on these fashion sneakers. 

According to these KO Nike fans, one benefit of this shoe, which was first released in 1982 and became a big hit in 2018, is that they are fashionable yet comfortable. “They are comfortable, “ Mr. Krugman said. “Most fashion sneakers tend not to be, but these are pretty hip.” Ysabel said she agreed the comfort of Air Force 1s is hard to beat. “Air Force 1s are very comfortable, and I really like wearing them,” she said. Ysabel also mentioned that they are very supportive and do not make her ankles hurt. 

While remaining a fan of these shoes, Hadley was also willing to comment on one disadvantage. “The sole of the shoe can become uncomfortable when you wear them for a long period of time,” she said.

Mr. Krugman also talked about how his Air Force 1s allow him to be able to strike up many conversations with others, and people are surprised by his fashion taste. “At my age, with my taste in shoes, usually people laugh at me with what I wear on my feet,” he said, “but by wearing Air Forces, I actually get nice comments.” 

Hadley and Ysabel both agreed that the commonly white shoe matches well with different clothing. “I like them because they match with a lot of clothes,” Hadley said. Ysabel was also pleased with the style of the shoes. “They go with a lot of different outfits,” she said. 

Ysabel also commented that even though many students have the classic low-rise white shoe, they can be customized online to fit each person’s tastes. “Since a lot of people have them, you can be unique and make them your own by customizing them online into whatever you want,” she said. “Overall, I definitely recommend them to anyone who is considering getting them.”