‘Love Island USA’ is back to keeping viewers on the edge of their seats


The second season of “Love Island USA” was released on Thursday, May 21. “Love Island” is a reality dating show where participants live in villas with each other, hoping to find true love. It is hosted by American actress and model Arielle Vandenberg and features comedic commentary from Matthew Hoffman.

“Love Island USA” is a spin-off based on the original British series, “Love Island UK.” 

Contestants are cut off from the outside world and unable to communicate outside the villa with others, while also under the surveillance of the crew. Throughout their time there, they are encouraged to get to know everyone in the villa. There is a recoupling ceremony every week, and they are expected to select one person to couple up with. Each week, it alternates between the girls and the guys as to who has the recoupling power. If someone isn’t chosen to be in a couple that week, they will be kicked out of the villa and sent home. At each week’s recoupling, they are given the option to remain with their current partner or couple up with someone new.

In the villa, the islanders are all provided with their own phone, which enables them to contact only other individuals in the villa or receive text messages notifying them of challenges or recouplings. They are given several challenges, included as a twist in the episode, making the show additionally entertaining to the viewers. There is a “Love Island” mobile app for viewers to download, allowing them to have a say in the show. They can vote for their favorite couples or, sometimes, who they want to be eliminated from the island. During the final week of the show, viewers have the chance to vote on which couple should win based on those left in the villa. A cash prize is awarded to the couple who gets the most votes from the public.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all islanders had to quarantine by themselves for two weeks prior to making an appearance on the show. Usually, the filming of this show would take place at an international destination, but due to travel restrictions, they were unable to travel to a location outside of the United States. In the previous season, contestants stayed in a villa in Fiji. This current season, they are staying in Las Vegas at The Cromwell, a casino hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Ever since this show has come out, I have been watching it every night it is on. I really enjoyed the first season, so when I heard the news that the second season was coming out, I just knew I needed to watch it. I really enjoy how the show is run, and I feel that it never gets boring. There are often challenges and special twists, which further raise the viewers’ interest.

The islanders chosen to partake in this show are entertaining and possess sociable and outgoing personalities, which really adds on to the enjoyable aspects of this show. It makes it more captivating for the viewers.

At the end of each episode, there is a preview of the next episode to come, as a way to engage the viewer and leave them wanting more. I personally feel that these short clips of the drama and events in the next episode make me more eager to keep watching. I certainly recommend this show if you are looking for something filled with drama, heartbreak, love, and lots of tears. If you start watching “Love Island,” you will not want to stop, and each episode will leave you with the urge to watch more.