‘The Devil All the Time’ presents intriguing interconnected storylines


In 2020, with movie theaters shut down, film producers need another way to get their movies out. One way is through streaming services like Netflix, which is how “The Devil All The Time” was released on Friday, Sept. 16. The film made the Netflix Top 10 List the day it was released and has stayed there as of now. The movie was accessible to everyone with a Netflix subscription, unlike Disney+’s “Mulan,” which had premier access if you paid for it. 

“The Devil All the Time” is about two towns in the Midwest: Coal Creek, W. Va. and Knockemstiff, Ohio. It follows the story of many different characters from directly after World War II to about 1960. It was so interesting because somehow every character was connected, and both of those towns were connected as well, despite being pretty far away. It seems like a very boring movie, and going into it I was thinking that, but as I kept watching, I got way too invested. I don’t want to spoil anything, but expect death and blood.

Also, ironically, the title is “The Devil All The Time” and it’s very rooted in religion. At first, I was very confused because almost every single character is overly religious (prayed, went to church EVERY Sunday, etc). Then it becomes clear.

To be honest, my initial reaction to watching it was, “Why would I ever choose to review this?” I had no idea what it was about before I watched it, so I really figured everything out as I went. After watching the rest of it, I think it’s amazing. The cast, the acting, the story – it was all so interesting and surprisingly kept me watching. 

Let’s start off with the cast. Of course, Tom Holland played the role of Arvin Russell (the main character). I had initially heard about this movie because Tom Holland was in it, and he did not disappoint. I loved his character, and I felt like I really knew him as a person. Next, we have Robert Pattinson, who is another great actor. He played a corrupt, perverted pastor really well. I feel like it’s definitely not a role I have seen him play before, but his acting was so good. Other known names are Bill Skarsgård and Sebastian Stan. I was really shocked to see Sebastian Stan because his character was so different from his role in the Marvel movies, so it was a little different, but like everyone else, he did amazing. 

The movie followed the lives of many different people. One storyline was Arvin Russell. We basically know him from birth. We learn about his parents and how they meet and how their family confronts a tragic demise. We also see another couple whose child ends up being a big part of the movie in the future because she grows up with Arvin’s grandparents. Next, we see a man named Carl, who takes photographs of his partner and other men they give rides to on the street. Finally, there is a storyline about a sheriff. As I’m explaining the characters, they all seem like very different people, and you wouldn’t think they were connected to each other, but by the end, every single one of them has something to do with another. 

It was honestly really satisfying to finish the movie because of how all the storylines came together (one way or another—again I don’t want to spoil it, but the ending is very good). I was honestly shocked at the ending, and I think you will be too. I really recommend this movie; even if you don’t think you can get through the first 15 minutes of it, just do it, because things turn weird really quickly and become interesting.