Artist of the month: Melissa Hasbrouck


Senior Melissa Hasbrouck has been painting at KO since her freshman year, and  although she has taken numerous art classes, she’s had only one teacher, Katie Burnett. 

“She’s a really good teacher who is always there to help you out if you have questions and offer new techniques that have really helped elevate my art,” Melissa said. Furthermore, she explained how Ms. Burnett has also greatly helped her in getting her ideas onto the canvas. Despite having always been more of a landscape painter, after several meetings with Ms. Burnett, Melissa began to paint more realistic pieces with Ms. Burnett’s guidance.

“My favorite thing about painting is visualizing something inside my head and seeing it unfold,” Melissa said. “When I see the finished product after I put in hard work, that’s when I really get to see what I’ve been able to do.”
Ms. Burnett stressed how exceptional of a painter Melissa is. “She works with so many different subject matters, painting landscapes, animals, all sorts of themes,” she said. “Melissa’s really self motivated; when we were in quarantine she made so much work. My favorite one was when she created a series of watercolor buildings.”

Although Melissa has taken many different art classes, she focuses mainly on studio art. She still loves to paint landscapes and recently created a large one on a giant canvas, consisting of an amalgamation of landscapes and close-ups on animals. She is considering working on another large-scale project, although this one would be a large still-life and would be different from her original style, as it would be more realistic.

Melissa generally gravitates toward using a warmer color palette for landscapes, as it gives off a closer, more personal feel. With regard to her painting techniques, Melissa works mainly with brushes, but she occasionally uses a palette knife, which provides a unique texture to her work. Her preferred paints are acrylic and watercolors, although she has worked with urban watercolors, which involve first sketching an image and then painting over it. 

Melissa plans to keep working on her art after high school, but she will not be majoring in art in college. Despite this, Melissa hopes to attend a college where she would be able to pursue art as a hobby, as she wants to improve on her skills as much as possible.