KO Welcomes Wyvern Grandparents Virtually


On Monday, Oct. 19, Tuesday, Oct. 20, and Friday, Oct. 23, students of the Wyvern community welcomed their grandparents and grandfriends to join them in a brief, online version of KO’s annual grandparents day. While KO’s grandparents were not able to visit campus in person this year or get a chance to sit in with their grandchildren in classes, KO faculty still managed to keep the tradition running. This was thanks to Head of Alumni and Parent Relations Frances Morris, who played a big role in organizing the event this fall. 

Forms Three and Four had their grandparents visit on Monday while Forms Four and Five celebrated the day on Tuesday. During their grandchildren’s advisee period, guests joined in on their meeting virtually through Zoom. Upon joining the advisory, two short videos were shown: a welcome from Head of School Tom Dillow and a tour of the campus this fall. Following the videos, the guests spent time talking to their grandchildren individually or conversing with the advisory as a whole. Despite the apparent limitations the faculty faced, the event ended up being a huge success with over 400 grandparents and grandfriends registering. 

The virtual setup also allowed for many guests who live too far away to participate in the typical grandparents day a chance to get involved this year. Grandparents from across the country joined in the Zoom calls, and some even called in from overseas.  

Ms. Morris believes that KO’s grandparents day is one of the best days of the year due to the excitement all across campus from students, grandparents and teachers alike. “I love seeing our students get excited to host their grandparents and friends, and I love to see how excited the guests are to be here,” she said. “They like to see the campus, but even more importantly, they love to see what a day in the life of their grandchildren looks like. There just always seems to be such a warm feeling of community on that day.”

Advisee groups across the school engaged their guests in different ways. Some groups talked with grandparents as a whole, while some students were spread across campus visiting with their grandparents personally. Students and teachers spent time asking questions like what their favorite high school memory is, or what piece of advice they would extend to the students. 

“I enjoyed seeing everybody’s grandparents interact with people in my advisee group and in the KO community,” junior Garret Gallup said. “We asked them lots of different questions and shared a lot of laughs.”

Junior Ben Safalow agreed that the day was a hit, despite being virtual. “I loved being able to catch up with my grandma and talk to her about my classes at KO,” he said. “It was a great alternative considering they were not able to come in person this year.”

So, even though limitations prevented the traditional event from taking place in its normal capacity, KO still found a unique way to give Wyvern Nation’s grandparents an insight into their grandchildren’s lives at school.