‘The Mandalorian’ season two starts off strong


The second season of “The Mandalorian” kicked off on October 30. After an intense cliffhanger, the newest episode started right where the first season ended. Chapter Nine, “The Marshal,” was directed by Jon Favreau, the show’s creator. 

The episode starts on the desert planet, Tatooine, where Djin Djarin, the Mandalorian is on his quest to find a home for “the child.” On Tatooine he sees Timothy Olyphant, portraying Cobb Vanath, who is in fact wearing the infamous Boba Fett armour. 

This addition to the first episode was amazing. In the prequels, Fett was not really a well known character, as he should be, but now that he is in “The Mandalorian,” I am really looking forward to learning more about him. 

*Spoiler alert* Guess what. The biggest plot twist of the episode is that Vanath is not really Fett, but a ravager who picked up the armour from a couple of Jawas. Now, as a Mandalorian, the creed states that they must not take off their helmets and let others see their faces. But that would mean the Jawas killed Fett or came across his body and stole the armour. 

The closing shot of the episode reveals the real Boba Fett unmasked and with his face shown to the camera. This is my favorite aspect of the series; they use amazing final shots which leaves the audience hungry for the next episode.

Alongside an intense plot, the show added small details to help connect the show to the rest of the “Star Wars” universe. During the episode, Vanath and Djarin work together with Tuskan Raiders to kill a Krayt Dragon, which has never seen the big screen until now. 

This small reference dates back to “Star Wars: A New Hope” where Obi-Wan Kenobi scares off a group of Tusken Raiders by making a noise that mimics one of a Krayt Dragon. Details like this are part of the genius work Favreau and his crew do.

Another cameo was from the droid R5-D4 which also appeared in “Star Wars: A New Hope.” He was the droid who was named “Red” by Luke Skywalker and helped R2-D2 carry out his mission on the Lars homestead. In this episode, we see a R5-D4 working as a holograph map dispenser for Peli Motto.

One final cameo was of Anakin Skywalker’s pod form “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.” In the first film of the saga, we see young Anakin working on his pod which he later uses to race. Vanath rides a speeder bike with the same parts as Anakin’s podracer from the films. 

These types of small Easter eggs continue to amaze me and keep my interests in the show. As the episode progressed, I saw myself getting more engaged with the plot as well as the characters. The newest character, Cobb Vanath, may become my favorite of the show. 

If you haven’t watched the show yet, I highly recommend it to all. This episode is one of the best in the show so far, and its intensity, pace, and relation to the films made me enjoy it even more.