Coach of the Month: Boys Varsity Soccer Coach Hikmet Aslan


Boys varsity soccer Head Coach Hikmet Aslan is one of the many faces we see every day at Kingswood Oxford. He has led the boys soccer program during many of their most successful seasons, and even though this past season was unconventional, he continued to push the team to become better in all aspects of the game.

What sets Coach Hikmet apart from others is his passion for the game. “I have deep knowledge and experience in the field,” Coach Hikmet said, “and I sincerely put in every effort to help my players reach their true potential.” 

The team worked as if it were a regular season, practicing as if they were preparing for a game each day.  “We tried to stay positive and optimistic,” Coach Hikmet said, “so our practices were always intense and competitive.” The environment at practice allowed the team to be well-prepared when their two scrimmages came. “The players are also great friends with each other,” Coach Hikmet said, “and they had fun playing together every day.”

COVID-19 safety restrictions required the practice to be set up a little different, but Coach Hikmet made the most of it. “Our practices would normally start with 5v2’s then warm-up,” he said. “After that, conditional, technical, and tactical sessions and we normally finish with the full field games.”

Coach Hikmet gave a lot of credit to his team. He said that without their positivity and cooperation, the season would not have been such a success. “They have great team spirit, and they are very supportive of each other on and off the field,” Coach Hikmet said. “They have developed a very strong work ethic.” He thanked them for their commitment to the team and their determination. “They work hard to be ready when the time comes to compete and represent KO,” Coach Hikmet said. 

Additionally, Coach Hikmet stressed the importance of academics and encouraged his players to balance their education and athletics. “They all study hard to excel academically,” Coach Hikmet said. “They are good at balancing their time between the classes and athletics.”

Senior captain midfielder Colin Ruiz has played for Coach Hikmet for a total of four years. “The thing that makes Hikmet stand out is his passion for the sport and his knowledge,” Ruiz said. “Over these past four years that I have worked under him, I have taken full advantage of his knowledge and have picked his brain on the sport. He has helped me so much with my improvement and I have to dedicate my success to him.” 

Coach Hikmet and the boys varsity soccer team are already working hard and looking forward to scoring goals and winning games next season.