Evan Banning’s mastery of sculpture


Senior Evan Banning has been creating art since he was a child, but after taking several art classes at KO, he has found that his passions lie primarily in sculpture. 

At KO, Evan has taken Foundations in Art, Intro to Studio Art, Advanced Studio, and Sculpture. He has been taught by all three visual arts teachers: Greg Scranton, Katie Burnett, and Scott McDonald. “My teachers have been extremely supportive, since I like to venture out and not stick to any given timeline,” Evan said. “I don’t do very well with specific art assignments, and I just like to do what is on my mind and finish it at any time I want.” 

Ms. Burnett commented on her experience teaching Evan. “He’s so experimental,” she said. “He loves to try new things, and he is always looking for new sources of inspiration. What I love about teaching him is his experimentation and ability to work on multiple projects at once, and he’s such a kind and positive person to have in class.”

While he enjoys sculpture the most, Evan still enjoys creating other forms of art, including painting, drawing, and collages. “If I am not doing a sculpture, I’m probably doing a collage,” he said. “Although I do like painting and drawing, I prefer sculpture because it’s just so unique.” 

Evan’s sculptures are especially unique since most of them are made out of a single object or material. He draws his inspiration from random objects and materials that he finds. “When I see them, sometimes they just click, and I can see a sort of sculpture forming,” Evan said. Another source of inspiration for Evan is TikTok, where he enjoys watching other artists display their work. When it comes to famous artists, Evan enjoys the works of Pablo Picasso and Georgia O’Keeffe.

His favorite personal creation right now is still a work-in-progress. Evan is creating a sculpture made from Monster cans. He described how the cans will hang in a picture frame, and it will appear to be a fish tank, complete with rocks, fish, and grass all made from Monster cans.

As for college, Evan has no plans to major in art. However, he has been building a portfolio to send to possible universities. He said that art isn’t something that he will drop in college, as he is continuing to look for ways continue working on his art, whether that is as a hobby, as a minor, or through a club.