The Final KOuntdown


It’s official, we made it to December! Soon we’ll be on winter break, getting ready for 2021 and hoping that the door hits 2020 hard on its long-anticipated way out. As I’m sure many of us recall, most students and faculty placed their bets back in August and September that we wouldn’t make it past Thanksgiving, or even Halloween, yet here we are. Unfortunately, the recent spike in cases in our community leaves us with a little to celebrate other than the evermore enticing winter break nearly upon us.

So what’s the deal KO? We were going so strong: Wearing masks, filling out Ascend, making in-person learning work. Now one week off from school and another of remote learning later and we have four positive cases, three of which are in the senior class. 

Thanksgiving break was a tough reminder of how much we miss our families, or even just seeing the lower halves of our friends’ faces. Unfortunately, our own disillusionment with social distancing doesn’t mean COVID-19 is going to let up. In fact, the statistics of CT cases show it’s doing anything but that. It should be a disappointment to all of us that going remote for a week was not just a precaution but a necessity to keep each other safe. As we go through the motions for these last few days on campus and look ahead to winter break, we need to keep this experience in mind. We need to keep filling out Ascend. We need to wear our masks over our noses. We need to avoid the temptation to head inside with friends to escape the cold (winter hiking maybe? It’s not that bad).

Remember that as much as we want it to, COVID-19 won’t disappear when the ball drops on January 1. The news about a vaccine is certainly exciting, but we can’t let our guard down. We all know we can do better and what better way to start off the new year than to come back to a healthy community?