A Wyvern’s Tale: New Beginnings


My journalism journey began when I was just a timid freshman entering the new, scary world of high school. Despite my trepidation, I was eager to learn more about myself, my peers, and the world at large. And what better way to do so than through writing and reporting on the happenings of the KO community? So, I decided to enroll in the journalism elective in the second semester of my freshman year. 

This class was certainly intimidating at first: writing a variety of articles in many different styles – most of which I was not familiar with – and taking the notorious style quizzes (which, by the way, are definitely not as scary as they sound!) all presented me with new challenges that I was fearful of taking on. But, as with most other things, I came to thoroughly enjoy all of the work that came with my budding journalism career. I learned how to be comfortable reaching out to a variety of people for interviews, finding my writerly voice, and reporting on fascinating topics that I was interested in and excited about. Furthermore, this class served as the foundation for my continuing passion for journalism, and I am so grateful that I decided to take a chance and try something new that has come to greatly define my high school experience.

I feel extremely humbled and honored to now be serving as the editor-in-chief of the KO News – a position that I aspired to assume ever since the day I became an associate features editor in my sophomore year. The newspaper has served as a much-needed escape from the realities of school and home life during a pandemic, and it has become an outlet for my creative expression. Looking to the future of the paper, I have several goals that I would like to achieve:

  1. To continue to foster a collaborative and welcoming environment in which all staff members feel both safe and excited to write about topics that they are passionate about
  2. To continue to serve as an outlet for passionate, like-minded writers and artists who celebrate one another’s skills and bring something valuable to each edition 
  3. To ensure that the KO News continues to be an engaging publication that melds informative, serious articles about KO and the world around it with fun, playful, and satirical pieces and appealing visual elements
  4. To more actively engage our readers so that they can contribute to the publication making it a forum for the exchange of ideas – a conduit through which members of the community feel comfortable expressing themselves
  5. To serve the community with accuracy, integrity, honesty

I am so thrilled to continue my journalistic journey, to assist other staff members as others have done for me, and to dedicate myself further to the paper in order to best represent the KO community. 

Emma Levinbook ’22 Smiles With the KO News. Photo courtesy of Abigail Baier ’23.