Chris Morris styles impeccably


Senior Chris Morris debuts his fashionable style each day on campus. Chris utilizes his unique style to express himself in various creative ways. 

Usually his wardrobe includes a selection of basic colors with bold, bright accents to complement his look. For instance, Chris often uses accessories such as rings and bandanas to spice up his outfits. 

Chris is a frequent shopper, going out to purchase clothes about once a month. His budget often depends on the time of year. “Usually after a holiday, there isn’t a certain set budget, but when shopping regularly, I stick to a maximum of $60 to $100 on spending.”

By Katharine Doar ’21

Chris’s wardrobe mainly consists of Dream and Nike clothing. Chris typically draws his inspiration for his outfits from his three favorite celebrities: musicians A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator, and artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. “I like how these individuals stick to mainly neutral colors but spice up their outfits with different areas of creativity and sparks of color,” Chris said. 

To Chris, fashion and clothing are vital parts of self expression. “I like art, and Basquiat is an artist, so I try to represent myself through my clothing just like he does,” he said. Chris finds it important to utilize your hobbies and passions and express them through fashion. “It is an essential part of presenting yourself in the way you want to be received,” he said. Chris’s school-week outfits differ from the outfits he wears on the weekends, as he tends to wear louder outfits when he is not at KO. Additionally, Chris enjoys experimenting with new styles and trends outside of school. 

Chris’s overall fashion advice for others is simple. “Be yourself,” he said. “Try and represent yourself, and overall just be you for you.”