KO college advising office welcomes Sabrina Puzinski


This April, the KO community has been fortunate enough to welcome new staff member Sabrina Puzinski to campus. Ms. Puzinski will be joining us in person in the college advising office to help organize meetings and announcements. 

Ms. Puzinski is excited about joining the KO community and working alongside the Upper School students. “I have wanted to work in a school for a long time,” Ms. Puzinski said. She worked at a day camp after college, which is where she really discovered that she wanted to work with kids. “I am super excited to meet the kids and become a part of the team here,” she said.  

  Ms. Puzinski was informed about the position through families that she knows at KO and through Director of College Advising Jami Silver. The experience applying for the job was vastly different due to the pandemic. “All of the interviews and such were virtual, and I didn’t get to come here and tour the facility until I accepted the position,” Ms. Puzinski said. Although the circumstances have been different, Ms. Puzinski has adapted accordingly and feels that the other faculty and staff members have been super welcoming. “You wouldn’t have known we were in the middle of a pandemic based on how the other faculty members handled the situation with being online,” Ms. Puzinski said.

The KO community strives to be open and welcoming to new students and faculty members, and Ms. Puzinski felt this energy as soon as she came to campus. “Everyone was super lively, open, and encouraging, so I feel super comfortable already having it only be my first week,” she said. Ms. Puzinski is excited for what the future holds at KO and can’t wait to meet other students, faculty, and staff. 

This year has definitely been far from normal and having a new faculty member join the KO community during the spring is also unusual. However, the college advising office needed help, and Ms. Puzinski is prepared and ready to bring her assistance to KO. Ms. Puzinski will help organize Google Classroom information, coordinate the college advisors’ schedules, assist students, and manage day-to-day tasks for the college office. 

The KO community is excited to welcome Ms. Puzinski onto campus; feel free to stop by her office in the bottom of Roberts to greet her when you get the chance!