Musician of the Month: Eden Nenshati


Senior Eden Nenshati has had a passion for music since he was in elementary school. Since then, he has grown into a talented musician and is a member of Crimson 7 and Outlook — Kingswood Oxford’s select vocal ensembles. 

Eden’s first experience singing in a vocal ensemble came when he was eight years old. “I started singing in choirs at the University of Hartford, and I loved it,” he said. 

Outlook and Crimson 7 Director David Baker said that Eden’s versatility as a singer has made him a very important member of the ensembles that he is in. “He’s sung all four voice parts, and he’s gained some really gorgeous tenor notes,” Mr. Baker said.

Eden credits Mr. Baker for playing a large role in his development as a vocalist. “Mr Baker opened me up to the idea of embracing my true vocal range,” he said. “He has inspired me to truly embrace the music and sing from the heart.”

In addition to Eden’s versatility, Mr. Baker has seen Eden become a role model for younger students. “I feel like he does a great job of learning from others, seeing what it means to take music seriously, and also having a good time.” Mr. Baker said. “I think he models that in a really good way as a senior this year.” 

Eden’s friendly and hardworking nature makes him a very important member of KO’s vocal program. “He brings a really distinctive, friendly nature as an upperclassmen to both groups,” Mr Baker said. “He’s able to set the tone of the group, have a lot of fun together, but also work towards something.”

Eden enjoys seeing written music come to life in his ensembles. “Music is meant to convey emotion and is much more than notes on a page,” he said. “There are very few things in this world that can bring a large group of people together, and I believe that music is one of them.”

After graduating, Eden plans to continue singing. “I look forward to singing with a new group of people in college,” he said. “The best part about singing is that you can have people from every part of the community that will all come together for their love of music.”