Wyverns on Wheels


On March 27, 2021, members of Shield & Dragon and the admissions team welcomed next year’s accepted students through an event entitled “Wyverns on Wheels.” Students involved in Shield & Dragon volunteered to spend their Saturday morning at KO greeting the new students. 

Wyverns on Wheels was a drive-through event, leading to its clever name. Volunteers stood socially distant from one another, lining the sidewalk from the Hoffman Field House to the Middle School and cheering while accepted students and their families drove by. 

Families were given a time slot of between 10:00 a.m. and noon to drive by KO. “It took a little bit, but we did end up with a great turn out,” junior Teddy Schwartz said. However, other students felt the event could have been improved if the time period was not dispersed across two hours. “I think a smaller time slot would have been ideal so that everybody could be here at the same time,” junior Macy Isenberg said. “I think it would have created more of a community feel, but I think that the drive through went great nonetheless.”

In order to demonstrate our school spirit for the new families, Shield & Dragon members dressed in KO gear or in crimson and black. The accepted students also received KO merchandise in goodie bags, such as hats and shirts from our school store. 

Teachers, the administration staff, and Head of School Tom Dillow all attended to deliver the warmest welcomes possible. In addition to this, our mascot KoKo made an appearance, waving pom poms alongside the Shield & Dragon members. Mr. Dillow spoke to accepted students and their families as they drove by, giving them a personal introduction to the school and the community.

Typically, the students would be on campus together for Accepted Students’ Day, in which they would be able to meet their future teachers and peers in a more traditional way. “I do wish we could have had more one-on-one time [with the accepted students],” Macy said, “because I think that the new students get a better sense of the school and what their experience is going to be like when they’re here.”

Despite the loss of individual conversations with other students and families, Wyverns on Wheels was a huge success for Shield & Dragon and the admissions office. “I think this was a fun and innovative way to make the accepted students feel involved in our community,” Teddy said. “This was very different from my own Accepted Students’ Day, but I do think that we made the most out of the situation we had.”

Furthermore, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Wyverns on Wheels event successfully ushered in a new wave of accepted students to the KO community in a creative, spirited way.