Advice for Incoming Upper Preppers

In the Middle

Switching to a new school, especially a new type of school, such as from elementary school to Upper Prep at Kingswood Oxford, can be a very stressful event. Students and teachers offered advice on how to make the transition to Upper Prep a smoother experience.

Upper Prep form dean and history teacher Alison O’Donnell wants to encourage students to ask questions, rather than staying confused. “Ask questions. Whenever they have a question to ask someone, there’s always someone there to answer,” she said.

Seventh-grader Sofia Garza said to remember middle school is not forever. “You can get caught away with it, and feel like it’s your whole life when it really isn’t.” Whether it is getting caught up in a lot of homework or feeling a lot of pressure, Sofia also wants the younger students to remember that it is okay to make mistakes, that middle school doesn’t last forever, and that school is all about learning. 

Eighth-grader Alex Segal encourages students to draw from their inner strength to overcome difficult situations as well as remember that they are mentally capable to accomplish the work ahead of them. “It’s going to be really rough when you first get here, a lot of stress is going to get on you,” she said. Alex also feels that an important attribute to have is patience. “Hold on to hope, and just have patience,” she added.

Alex recommends going to someone close to you or a counselor for advice. “Really close friends get to know you and start to understand what really works for you and what you are comfortable with.”

Whether it is older students or teachers, they are there for classmates and are happy to help.