Artist of the month: Emily Karasik


“Art is very peaceful for me,” senior Emily Karasik, who has been drawing for as long as she can remember, said. As a child, Emily often attended summer camps where she had the opportunity to draw and show off her artwork. “I really just drew whenever I could, which was all the time,” she said. 

As a seven-year senior, Emily has had plenty of opportunities to explore the different art classes at KO and truly develop her artistic abilities. Emily has always taken risks and explored styles and mediums beyond her comfort zone, which makes her a truly amazing and passionate artist. 

At KO, Emily has taken a plethora of art courses, starting with Foundations in Art in her freshman year. In this introductory class, she had a project for which she was tasked to take a photo of Trout Brook field and use her photo as reference. “I remember there was something about the drawing that looked slightly off, and it took me forever to fix it, but I really liked the end result,” Emily said. 

This fall, Emily took her final art class at KO: Advanced Studio Seminar, where she was able to work on projects of her choice. A lot of her work was to submit to colleges, given that she applied as an art minor. 

While Emily does branch out when it comes to her art, she often sticks to using pencils or charcoal on a smaller canvas. “I tend to use smaller canvases because it lets me include more detail,” she said. However, Emily is trying to improve her oil painting skills and become more well-rounded by exploring different mediums.

Despite having been drawing for so long, Emily finds that she can still be very self-critical. “While drawing is also really fun for me, sometimes I have to keep in mind that I shouldn’t be too hard on myself because it isn’t productive,” Emily said. 

Emily will be attending Tufts University in the fall where she plans to major in biology and minor in art. “I remember when I was looking for colleges, I wanted to find ones with both a really strong bio program and a really strong art program so I didn’t have to sacrifice any of my interests or hobbies,” Emily said. Because of her commitment to continuing art, she had to submit a myriad of different pieces to the schools she applied to. One of the pieces she submitted was also a standout epic submission entitled “Lonely Mornings” – her favorite piece to date.

We look forward to seeing Emily find great success in college and know she will continue to create wonderful work as an art minor!