Eighth-graders share feelings on end-of-year event

In the Middle

To finish the school year, a Form 2 event will be held in place of a formal ceremony or dance due to COVID-19 restrictions. Eighth-graders Guru Anand and Maya Gerits share their feelings about this event. 

Wrapping up the year with a fun event for the Form 2 class can affect people in different ways. “It can help the students who are leaving the school see their friends one last time,” Guru said. Maya agreed that it would be good to see friends one last time before highschool. “It will hopefully bring students together and create good memories to carry on to highschool” Maya said. 

Aspects of this event will affect students in many ways. “I’m excited to have a get-together in the age of COVID-19 after missing the end of seventh grade,” Guru said. “We weren’t able to see each other at the end of last year so it will be refreshing to end off on a good note.”

Since this event will be in place of a dance, there are different opinions on which type of event the class would prefer. “I would’ve liked to have a dance but with [COVID-19] it’s not an option so I’m just grateful we are able to gather outside,” Maya said. Guru agreed that outside would be the better option. “I’m happy it changed because now we are able to be outside and run around,” Guru said.

Students are leaving to go off to high school and this may be their last time seeing each other. “I’m excited to end my middle school year with one last hoorah and to be able to say goodbye to my friends and have time to enjoy making my final middle school memory,” Guru said.