How Covid 19 Effects Outside of School Sports

In the Middle

With lowered Covid-19 cases and increased vaccinations, more students have chosen to participate in playing sports outside of school. 

Eighth-grader Stryckland Whittley-Ligon has chosen to play basketball to develop his skills.“I feel safe because everyone keeps their masks on even when we’re playing and we’re distanced when we’re on the bench.” “Strykcland said when asked if he felt safe playing with the pandemic still going on.” Stryckland also travels for some of his games but feels fine with it because the protocols are even stricter. 

Seventh-grader Greyson Pierce agreed. , “I feel safe because the coaches are strict with the protocols, he said. There are many protocols Greyson must following when playing for his baseball team outside of school. He is required to wear a mask in the dugout, but not on the field, as everyone is spaced out.

On the other hand, history teacher Andy Krugman’s two sons felt that these protocols were not enough for them to participate in sports outside of school. “Covid-19 is definitely a factor as to why my sons aren’t playing any sports outside of school,” Mr. Krugman said.  

With summer sports starting soon more people will have to make the decision to play sport outside school or not.