How Field Day Evolved For This Year’s Circumstances

In the Middle

Students and teachers shared their thoughts about the changes that field day has undergone. 

Eighth-grader Nikhil Rollán missed having some of the activities from prior field days, especially dodgeball. “It’s a shame because dodgeball would have to be inside,” history teacher Andrew Krugman said. 

Mr. Krugman said that COVID-19 protocols didn’t have an impact on the games that were played. “It didn’t impact it that much,” Nikhil said.

This year, there were brain games like Kahoot and Bananagrams that took place inside. Eighth-grader Bennett Smith also mentioned the brain games, “It is good that they added the option for the brain games this year,” he said.

Leading up to field day there was some confusion on how it was going to turn out. “Because of the 9:00-12:00 time format, I thought it had the potential to be better,” said Mr. Krugman.  On the other hand, Bennett was skeptical of how field day was going to turn out. “I didn’t think it was going to turn out as well as it did,” he said. However, Bennett also commented that he had more fun in previous years. “Not having dodgeball made this field day less enjoyable,” he said.

There were many reforms that field day underwent this year. Members of the Kingswood Oxford community are looking forward to seeing the impact this year’s field day will have on future field days.