KO boys lacrosse fights on


After a lengthy offseason, the boys lacrosse team was able to make the most of a shortened season. Although they ended with a record of 2-6, the young team was able to build strong foundations for the years to come. Their usual league, the Fairchester Athletic Association, was cancelled, so the team faced opponents they had never played before.

The team, led by Head Coach Brett Garber, found strong captains this season, as senior Chris Sienko and junior Pat Schwab took the helm of the squad. Many players acknowledge the lack of numbers on the team, but they make up for it in hard work and skill. 

In practice, the team often starts with stretching and warm-up drills, focusing on getting their sticks ready. They then move on to a variety of drills crafted by the coaching staff, such as ground ball drills, live ball situations, unsettled play, and set plays on man-up and man-down. 

The team recorded a strong win against Wooster School on Saturday, May 8. The Wyvern offense shined, putting in an easy 14 goals. The Wyvern defense locked down their opponent, only allowing four goals against. Junior attack Carter Smith led the team with five goals, followed by junior attack Will Berckemeyer with three, then junior attack Teddy Crowther and sophomore attack Ben Margolis with two. Junior midfielders Ben Worelen and Tyler Cavo each had one goal. 

On Saturday, May 15, the team battled Greens Farms Academy, but ultimately fell 12-2 to the experienced and seasoned Dragons. Crowther and Margolis were able to get the Wyverns on the board with one goal each. The team was more than ready to get back to practice and finish out the season on a strong note when they received crushing news.

The team found that one of the members of the team had tested positive for COVID-19, and they had been contact-traced back to practice on Thursday, as well as the game on Saturday. This meant that their remaining practices and their last game, which was against St. Luke’s School, was cancelled. 

“I was really disappointed to hear that our season was cut short due to a positive test,” Crowther said. “I thought our team had really developed some good chemistry leading up to this point and I was excited to play that last game. However, I am looking forward to next season where we can put all of these struggles behind us and move towards a winning record.”

The team battled through adversity this season, whether it was when they played higher-level teams, or the multitude of injuries that took six players out at once. The players who were healthy were forced to play outside of their normal positions. However, they still found a way to succeed even when faced with challenges that seemed impossible to overcome.