KO SGA elects David Shi as speaker


On Monday, April 26, junior David Shi was announced by the Student Government Association (SGA) as the school Speaker for 2021-2022. Runners-up for the position of Speaker included juniors Allie Wildstein and Aaron Rotter.

As stated in the Kingswood Oxford Student Government Constitution, “The Speaker shall preside over all meetings of the council, and will have no vote; the Speaker while presiding over meetings shall be an objective moderator of discussion; the Speaker shall determine how meetings are held, and shall determine in a fair and equitable way who shall speak and at what moment. The Speaker shall appoint additional members to the Student Government with the advice and consent of the Executive Committee and the Council. If the appointed members are to be given the right to vote, they must also be confirmed by a majority of the school community.”

SGA faculty advisory and English teacher Mela Frye reflected on the difference between the elections that took place this year compared to those prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. “They are not that much different than last year when we were all online, but in the past, students would give their speech in front of the whole student body during an assembly and the student body would vote, but now all speeches are pre-recorded,” Mrs. Frye said.

David ran for speaker because throughout the five years that he has been at KO, his life has changed immensely, and he greatly believes that he has drastically grown and matured as a person because of his experiences at KO. “When you are Speaker, you are put into a position where you can make a lot of changes, and that is the role that I want to play in the community,” David said. 

David is eager to lead the school in a positive way as Speaker. “I am so excited to be in a role and play a position where I can actually make a change,” David said. “Next year it will be really important to bring the community together.” 

David already has very high hopes and big plans for next year and wants to return the school to as close to normalcy as possible. “We will have to follow what the Pandemic Response Team says is safe, but if it is, I want to have some more community-building events, including outdoor night games and dances,” David said. 

Student Government is an amazing opportunity for students to play a role in important discussions and represent the KO community, and David Shi will do just that as he takes on the role of Speaker!