Middle school students speak on balancing school, sports, and outside of school activities.

In the Middle

The spring sports season has arrived and many students are playing on sports teams for their town and school. Students like eighth-grader Hadley Crowther and sixth-grader Molly Wiggenhauser share the challenge of balancing their in-school and outside-of-school commitments with their schoolwork completion. 

“I have school lacrosse every day but Monday and Wednesday I have an additional town lacrosse practice,” Hadley said. Molly claimed that she only had one practice a day, differing from Hadley’s schedule.

With so many practices, the time to do homework is slim. “I always have a lot of homework and only have time late at night or in study halls,” Hadley said. But even when there is time it’s not always easy to complete the work. “It’s hard to be productive in study halls so after school is the only time I have to get work done and on weekends I don’t have time because I have two games for soccer and two games for lacrosse,” Molly said.    

As the end of the school year slowly approaches, the workload is only increasing and students are getting busier. With now different schedules, students have noticed a change in how stressed they are feeling. “I’m constantly stressed because I’ve got no time to do work,” Hadley said. ”i feel like my friends who don’t do upper school sports always have everything done and I haven’t had time to get to it.”
Middle school students who are involved in and outside-of-school activities are stressing about school work and the lack of time they have to get it done.