Mr. Garrison says farewell to KO


Nobody loves adventure and the outdoors as much as Middle School science teacher Josh Garrison. Always up for pursuing new ideas and spontaneous activities, Mr. Garrison is leaving KO to take on a new and exciting chapter in his life. 

Having worked at KO for six years, Mr. Garrison has adapted to the KO community and has involved himself in many facets of school life. His love for the outdoors and for science inspired him to become a teacher at KO. According to Head of the Middle School Ann Sciglimpaglia, Mr. Garrison was the perfect fit for the job, and she knew the minute that he walked through the doors of the Middle School that he would be a great addition to the KO community. 

Mr. Garrison’s classes are anything but ordinary. There is always something unique and exciting happening in his classroom that inspires students to apply their knowledge and use their creativity to think outside the box. He fosters a warm and welcoming environment that makes students eager to learn.   

One of the lessons taught in Mr. Garrison’s Intro to Physical Science class deals with how pulley systems work. Mr. Garrison decided that he wanted to physically show his students what they were learning rather than simply explaining it, so he created a real-life example of a pulley system on a tree behind the dining hall. This provided a helpful visual for his students to fully understand the subject matter at hand. This was a memorable experience for his students, as they were able to enjoy what they were learning while still being able to grasp a difficult concept. This speaks to Mr. Garrison’s ability to make learning fun for his students in a way that promotes intellectual curiosity, creativity, and active participation.

Mr. Garrison has fit in effortlessly with the students and faculty at KO, as he is approachable and friendly and is always willing to help those around him. Additionally, Mr. Garrison himself has had a positive experience at KO. “I have enjoyed the community aspect of KO,” he said. “Connecting and getting to know students and also making some great lifelong friendships amongst the faculty has been great.” Throughout his time at KO, Mr. Garrison has made himself available whenever a helping hand is needed; besides being a science teacher, Mr. Garrison coached both Middle School soccer and baseball, and on various occasions, he helped out in the Upper School as well.

Mr. Garrison is taking this creativity and spontaneous spirit with him as he leaves KO, as he is opening an indoor rock-climbing facility in New Hampshire alongside Upper School science teacher Noah Lynd. While we will miss Mr. Garrison deeply, there is no doubt that he will continue to thrive in the next chapter of his life. His ability to adapt and be creative will lead him to achieve great success. 

Just as Mr. Garrison has tried new things throughout his time at KO and will strive to continue doing in the future, he urges those in the KO community to do the same: “My advice for new members of the KO community would be to be open to new opportunities and not be afraid of taking risks,” he said. While he is sad to say farewell to KO, Mr. Garrison leaves with excitement for the future and the new opportunities that await.