Summer sports and fun in the sun

In the Middle

With summer fast approaching, students are eager to start their summer sports and activities. For eighth-grader Scotty Cloud, his main summer sport is basketball, while seventh-grader Pratt Blair’s main summer sports are tennis and golf;science teacher Josh Garrison will be doing a lot of rock climbing, mountain and road biking. 

Pratt will be playing golf for his country club. Scotty will also be playing for two teams this summer. Mr. Garrison had parted ways with team sports a long time ago and does not have much interest in playing team sports again. 

Occasional cases of extreme heat and bad weather can make some sports hard to play. “I might not want to play because it may be too hot,” Pratt said.

With school being out, families will be able to spend more time together. When asked about his thoughts on summer, family, and sports, Scotty said, “We play golf sometimes but that’s pretty much it.” Mr. Garrison also spends time outdoors with his family. “We go on big bike rides and hikes together and I go rock climbing with my dad also,” he said. 

With blissful weather and longer days, teachers and students are extremely happy to begin their summer sports and outdoor activities.