Taking a Bite out of COVID-19

In the Middle

Many students’ favorite part of the day is lunch at KO. This year things are different: the seating arrangement has changed, and the food tastes different.

“It feels different,” eighth-grader Alex Braunstein said. There is plexi glass in between seats, boxed lunches, and six feet apart in the serving line. “The plexi glass makes it hard to hear my friends and it is just annoying,” Alex said,, “I do like the ability to pick who I want at my table.” Alex explained how the serving process gave him more time to choose what he wanted to eat. It has definitely changed since last year.

“I don’t really like it, but it does make things more calm,” history and geography teacher Alison O’Donnell said.  Although she felt there were many flaws, she said that it is effective in allowing students to have choices and find the food they want to eat. , With all the differences it’s hard not to look back on the past. “I miss the flexibility and kids sitting where they want,” Mrs. O’Donnell added.

Students who have never attended KO before, like sixth-grader Brandon Dalessioo, have never experienced what a normal lunch is like. “I love that I get to switch tables every two weeks,” Brandon said. 

Lunch had its differences from this year and last year. Opinions varied but for most people it was the overarching memory of the old lunch days that made them find the flaws in today’s lunch experience.Taking a Bite out of Covid