The Return from Virtual Wednesdays

In the Middle

Since returning from spring break, students have adjusted to attending school five days a week in person. The transition from remote Wednesdays created much controversy about whether or not it was a logical decision.

Kingswood Oxford administration switched to remote Wednesdays in November, meaning there were no classes. This was meant to give students time to catch up on work and meet with teachers. Before spring break, an announcement was made that KO would return to a full in-person week.

Seventh-grader Samit Virmani found remote Wednesdays helpful. ¨I don’t think the switch was a good idea because it took away the opportunity for students to catch up on their work,¨ Samit said. 

With having Wednesday in person, students have more class time and less time to meet with teachers. When asked what she would rather use her Wednesdays for, eighth-grader Margeret Miller preferred the remote schedule. ¨I would rather use my Wednesdays for finishing up pre-existing homework and meeting with teachers,¨ Margaret said.

Remote Wednesdays only provided 50 minutes of class time for each period. Therefore, teachers had to adjust the curriculum to fit their lesson plan into the designated class time.

English teacher Beth Repp redesigned her classes for these days. ¨I changed the way I taught my lessons, there was much more independent work,¨ said Mrs. Repp.

Sleeping in for an extra hour was a significant benefit for attending classes online. With skipping the commute, many enjoyed the comfort from their own house.

¨It was heavenly, I have a 50-minute commute so I was able to sleep another hour,¨ Mrs. Repp said.

The return to being in person for five days a week wasn’t a fan favorite for some. As students become more familiar with this new schedule, this decision is still very controversial to many.